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by Sara Doersam

There is a plethora of beer books on library and retail shelves these days and, as the beer renaissance rolls on, they'll just keep being published. It would be nearly impossible to assemble a comprehensive list of all the beer books available today, so I'll do my best to offer a good cross section of what's out there.

Guide Books

Beer Here: A Traveler's Guide to American Brewpubs and Microbreweries
by Stuart A. Kallen

From cozy brewpubs with great food and hand-crafted beer to megabreweries, this handy, fun-filled guide is an informative source for the traveler who wants to sample the best beers in America. Beer Here details the history of beer, brewing styles, ingredients, and hundreds of little-known facts to share over a schooner of suds. It takes you on a coast-to-coast tour, listing names, addresses, locations, operating hours, tour hours, food, entertainment, and events at more than 500 brewpubs, microbreweries, and regional and national breweries.

On Tap: A Field Guide to North American Brewpubs and Craft Breweries
by Steve Johnson

First published in 1991, this book is now in its third edition and is available for the first time as a pocket guide (with a new pocket size price) instead of the previous two-volume set. It has been updated with 186 new breweries and a total of 542 North American brewpubs and craft breweries described. Arranged alphabetically by state, then by city, each entry offers useful information such as the establishment address, phone number, fax number, directions on finding each brewery, hours of operation, names of beers brewed, credit cards accepted, handicapped access, nearby sleeping accommodations, and descriptions of menus and atmosphere. As in previous issues, Johnson provides a description of the brewing process, beer styles information, brewing history, beer glossary, major beer festival listings, and blood-alcohol charts.

On Tap New England
by Steve Johnson

This is the most comprehensive book yet on the thriving New England brewing scene. Johnson judiciously begins with background information and definitions to provide a common frame of reference. He then carefully defines his five classifications of beer establishments, and moves on to briefly delve into the history of the craft brewery revolution and to profile key players in the New England brew scene. The book taps into beer itself with a short synopsis on brewing and evaluating beer and explanations of styles and definitions of beer terms. But the heart of the book is a state-by-state description of 44 brewing establishments of New England. He introduces the reader to the people behind the breweries, history of each establishment, atmosphere and location, beer names and descriptions, menus, and basic information such as addresses, maps, phone numbers, hours of operation, and tours offered. Like Johnson's other On Tap guides, this one offers entertaining and enlightening reading for both veteran and novice beer enthusiasts.

On Tap: Northern California
by Steve Johnson

The fourth in series of On Tap guides, On Tap: Northern California offers a handy guide to more than 70 brewpubs and craft breweries from Salinas up to the Oregon border. Johnson breaks northern California into four mapped regions, then organizes the breweries alphabetically by city and brewery name to help his readers plan their visits. Each entry lists useful information such as establishment address, phone number, directions on finding each brewery, hours of operation, credit cards accepted, handicapped access, descriptions of the brewers and their beers, and extensive descriptions of each establishment's atmosphere and food fare. As in previous On Tap guides, Johnson provides a description of the brewing process, beer styles information, brewing history in Northern California, beer glossary, and a listing of major beer festivals. Johnson has put together a user-friendly guide for beer hunters headed out west.

The Colorado Brew Guide
by Geoff Bruce and Andy LaMorte
Find it at Colorado brewing establishments and book stores.

Bruce, self proclaimed conservative drinker and nonjournalist, and LaMorte, local beer judge and award-winning mead maker, have produced a casually humorous guide to Colorado brewing establishments. The guide is written like you're getting a first-hand report from your beer-drinking buddy without his lofty opinions of all the beers.

Beer Travelers Guide
by Stan Hieronymus and Daria Labinsky

Veteran journalists Hieronymus and Labinsky have put together a full-service guidebook to establishments coast-to-coast that serve quality microbrewed and imported beer. Modeled after the best-selling Good Beer Guide for Britain, Beer Travelers Guide brings together more than 1,700 of the best taverns, brewpubs, restaurants, and other beer friendly businesses in the country. Beer Travelers Guide is organized for ease of use with states and cities listed alphabetically. In addition to basic data about each establishment, most entries include a brief description, and icons symbolizing wheelchair access, smoking policy, full bar or extensive wine list, and other useful information. They even use a two-star rating system. As they discover new and unusual craft beer oases, the duo plan to update their book, born out of their monthly Beer Travelers newsletter, regularly.

Brewery Adventures in the Big East
by Jack Erickson

This joins the author's regional brewing adventures series as a history, travel guide, and directory of 109 craft breweries from Maine to Florida. It features chapters about colonial brewing, the "golden age" of beer, and the new beer culture in the east. The directory is divided into three regions, with 45 New England, 46 Mid-Atlantic and 17 Southern craft breweries detailed. The avid beer hunter will appreciate the three regional maps, interesting illustrations with brewery logos, and reproductions of 90 labels.

Good Beer Guide to New York
by Timothy Harper

For the inside story on where to drink good beer in and around New York, turn to The Good Beer Guide. You'll find names, addresses, and directions to more than 200 beer havens, along with descriptions of beer menus, atmosphere, food, staff knowledge, and clientele, while handy maps point you to the best beer places in different neighborhoods. With a Foreword by beer bard Michael Jackson, this is the first New York beer guide with listings of establishments from corner stores to fine restaurants.

America's Best Beers
by Christopher Finch and W. Scott Griffiths

Like most of the beer guide books, this one begins with a history of beers. From there it moves on to a brief explanation of the brewing process and beer styles, followed by a meaty directory of 350 breweries and their beers, organized into five US regions. The authors offer a paragraph or two on each establishment, then they each rate the beers they've sampled, and finally offer a subjective quote about some breweries, which is fun reading. There is a helpful hop-variety reference chart, an informative beer-styles table, a limited list of "watering holes" and a beer glossary.

The Beer Directory: An International Guide
by Heather Wood

Packed with more than 4,500 listings from more than 140 countries, The Beer Directory helps you locate beer places and people all over the world, including: breweries and brewpubs; ale houses and restaurants; beer festivals and other beer celebrations; retail stores; beer museums and historical sites; beer associations and organizations; and beer publications. Listings include hours, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, dates, and tour information. Sprinkled with amusing anecdotes, recipes, and historical accounts, The Beer Directory is fun for just browsing, too.

Beer Across America: A Regional Guide to Brewpubs and Microbreweries
by Marty Nachel

Inspired by the beer-of-the-month club of the same name, the Beer Across America guide directs you to more than 400 brewpubs and microbreweries nationwide. Covering the country in four geographical regions (Pacific, Mountain/High Plains, Central, and Atlantic) the guide puts the names, addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation right at your fingertips. It provides much the same information about brewery tours where they are available. Fifty in-depth profiles introduce you to some of America's most successful -- and most unusual -- brewers, brewpubs and microbreweries, and highlight their styles, marketing techniques and logos.

Stephen Beaumont's Great Canadian Beer Guide
by Stephen Beaumont

If the state of the Canadian brewing industry past and present interests you, I highly recommend taking a look at Stephen Beaumont's Great Canadian Beer Guide. It does a complete and informative job of covering a topic near and dear to the hearts of many of us.

How To and Help You Brew

The Beer Enthusiast's Guide
by Gregg Smith

Do you know the characteristics of good beer style? Whether you're interested in hosting a beer-tasting event or in becoming an official beer judge, you'll appreciate this guide to recognizing and appreciating dozens of distinct beer styles. Plus you'll find loads of information you'll need if you plan to take the Beer Judge Certification Exam, and there's a listing of homebrew supply shops and US brewpubs and microbreweries. Whether you're serious about judging or just want some fun reading, you'll value this guide.

Dave Miller's Homebrewing Guide
by Dave Miller

This start-to-finish handbook offers valuable information needed to make great tasting beer right at home. Miller brings to his fifth book two decades of brewing experience to help beginners. Homebrewing Guide includes getting started, recipe formulation, brewing specifics, homebrew recipes, troubleshooting, and more. Each chapter works as a stand-alone treatment of a myriad of brewing topics such as hops, fermentation methods, yeast, carbonation, and draft beer equipment, and is supported by tables, charts, glossary of terms, and illustrations. Miller is brewmaster at Nashville's Blackstone Restaurant and Brewery.

New Brewing Lager Beer
by Gregory J. Noonan

New Brewing Lager Beer is updated, revised, and 100 pages bigger than the original Brewing Lager Beer published in 1985. This advanced all-grain reference book is recommended for intermediate, advanced, and professional small-scale brewers. Noonan, owner and brewmaster at the Vermont Pub and Brewery and founder of Seven Barrel Brewery in New Hampshire, has incorporated his continued brewing experiences and research into this book. Additions include ale brewing theory and techniques, expanded information on evaluating and manipulating raw materials, recipe formulation, process evaluation and brewing techniques.

The Home Brewer's Companion
by Charlie Papazian

The Home Brewer's Companion hits on all the essential topics of homebrewing such as hops, malt, water, yeast and techniques in a complete and comprehensive manner.

The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing
by Charlie Papazian

Many homebrewers consider this the bible of homebrewing, and now it has been rewritten and updated. Written in a relaxed style, this comprehensive book details the theory and history of homebrewing while concentrating on practical recipes with how-to charts, graphs and tables.

Great Beer from Kits
by Joe and Dennis Fisher

Although homebrewing is wildly popular, many beer lovers do not realize that they can easily create fresh beer at home for a fraction of what store-bought beers cost. Kit brewing is a popular way to get started into homebrewing. Now, beer-brewing brothers, Joe and Dennis Fisher, have written this reference book to help kit users find success in their first batch of beer. Great Beer from Kits offers basic step-by-step techniques for brewing from kits, an equipment list, directions for everything from choosing a style to bottling and kegging, a troubleshooting guide, recipes from around the world, features of selected kits, and more.

50 Great Homebrewing Tips
by David Weisberg

This is a collection of tips and bare facts that are of immediate practical use to new homebrewers. However, though brevity, good organization and simple readability are present, the book achieves only modest success as a brewing aid. The beginning brewer will find "Tip #1: Throw away the directions" disconcerting at best. Although the tip is well understood by experienced homebrewers, the average beginner needs a simple recipe to provide a starting point for later reference. Most of the 50 tips are common knowledge among advanced homebrewers, but may be beneficial to beginning brewers.

The Brewer's Companion
by Randy Mosher

Intermediate and advanced homebrewers will find this book a valuable resource with detailed charts, graphs and tables, in a format designed to give brewer ready reference to any fact needed in the brewing process. The core of the book is a series of brewing worksheets which form a framework for recipe formulation.

The Brewmaster's Recipe Manual
by Stephen Snyder

This homebrewer's handbook is chock full of ale and lager recipes, including a chapter devoted to specialty beers like holiday and fruit and spice beers. The publication takes you through the ins and outs of a vast array of brewing topics such as ingredient profiles, beer styles, general procedures, weights and measures, formulas, and a resource directory. This convenient spiral-bound book stays open to the recipe you're brewing as you boil and toil in your home brewery. Whether you're a beginning brewer or have moved to the ranks of intermediate homebrewer, you'll benefit from the wealth of useful information here. It's available at homebrew supply stores.

Using Hops: The Complete Guide to Hops for the Craft Brewer
by Mark Garetz

Using Hops, by Hop Tech's Garetz, is one of the latest specialty book to hit the market. For the serious brewer, it's hard to imagine a more complete discussion of this vital ingredient in the brewing mix. In straightforward, readable language, Garetz explains the different types and tasks of hops: their roles in bittering, character and aroma, alpha versus beta acids, late hopping and dry hopping. Garetz also provides a useful explanation of the naming of American, and especially European, varietals, which should help shoppers, along with hop-by-hop guidelines and suggestions for replacement hops (if you can't find your first choice) that Garetz makes from a clear base of personal experience. Add to all this the substantial how-to-use, how-to-shop, how-to-store, and even how-to-grow information, and you have in your hands a particularly well-informed tome certain to be useful to beginning, experienced and experimental brewers alike.

Evaluating Beer
Brewers Publications

This book features thirteen authors who have in excess of 100 years combined experience in the beer and brewing business. Professional brewers, homebrewers and anyone who simply enjoys craft beer can benefit from the detailed information in Evaluating Beer.

Winners Circle
compiled by Brewers Publications

This fun collection of 126 original, award winning, homebrew recipes was selected from winners of the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) National Homebrew Competitions and includes recipes for 21 major beer styles of lagers, ales, and meads.

Victory Beer Recipes
compiled by American Homebrewers Association

The brew gurus at the AHA have followed their Winners Circle book of homebrew recipes with another big winner. Victory Beer Recipes is chock-full of winning recipes from the AHA National Homebrew Competitions. Each of the 26 chapters is devoted to a different style of beer, mead, cider and sake -- 128 recipes in all. Valuable brewing tips are offered as well as style descriptions preceding each chapter and judging comments accompanying each recipe. The recipes are malt-extract, partial-extract and all-grain.

Brewing Mead
by Lt. Colonel Robert Gayer with Charlie Papazian

Trace the history and discover the smooth, subtle secrets of mead. Learn how to brew this age-old drink following these easy directions. Some call mead the "nectar of the gods."

The Art of Cidermaking
by Paul Correnty

This juicy book journeys through the diverse 300-year history exploring the art of making cider, from techniques of the ancient Greeks to easy home-cidermaking guidelines. It contains instructions for both beginning and experienced cidermakers including descriptions of apple varieties, 15 recipes including mixed-fruit, spiced cider, cyser and apple beer, instructions for bottling and kegging, and guidelines for setting up and running a cider tasting or judging.

Sake (USA)
by Fred Eckhardt

Eckhardt brings an in-depth study of sake in the United States and abroad, at home and in the brewery.

History of Beer

American Breweries II
by Dale P. Van Wieren

American Breweries II represents the combined efforts of hundreds of breweriana collectors and brewery historians to compile information on every brewery known to have existed in the Unites States and in colonial America. This book is a thoroughly reworked and improved edition of the landmark 1984 publication, American Breweries, which has become the bible of brewery reference books. American Breweries II attempts to capture the names, addresses, and dates of operation of all US breweries past and present. Whether used by a collector trying to date a piece of breweriana, an historian researching the beer industry, or a bartender handing out brewing trivia, this book is an invaluable tool.

Beer: A History of Suds and Civilization from Mesopotamia to Microbreweries
by Gregg Smith

Smith, a national beer judge, editor of The Beer & Tavern Chronicle, and author of several books, chronicles the deep history of beer through the ages from the birth of civilization to the present day beer renaissance in the United States. Smith tells a lively story of English beer's taverns, guilds and saints and its migration from the old world to the new. The majority of this work is dedicated to the history of beer in the US including colonial brewing and pre prohibition as well as the rise of present day microbreweries, homebrewing, and the growing number of beer scribes.

The Ale Trail
by Roger Protz

Ale is at the forefront of the beer revival currently sweeping the country, and beer writer and editor Roger Protz, of Great Britain's Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), explains the reasons behind this trend in The Ale Trail. Protz takes great pains exploring the history of ale in beer-rich countries throughout the world while uniting their separate movements for better beer. Protz excels when he sheds light on the murky history of ales debunking the origins of porter and challenging popular convention concerning the bitter profile of India pale ales. With informative and entertaining writing, and over 50 color photographs, The Ale Trail will capture the imagination of ale lovers everywhere.

Rating Beer

The Simon & Schuster Pocket Guide to Beer
by Michael Jackson

The revised, updated and expanded fourth edition is the perfect companion when beer hunting or beer tasting. Jackson, the nationally recognized beer authority, rates more than 1,500 of the worlds best and most widely available beers and describes them in mouthwatering detail. This edition, which covers all points of the globe, offers a special focus on the quickly emerging North American breweries and beers. Don't go beer trekking without it.

The Beer Lover's Rating Guide
by Bob Klein

Klein's passion for beer has taken him on a decades-long, 90,000-mile journey in search of brews from every corner of the globe. Here, in alphabetized list, is a record of over 12,000 beers. All entries are rated 0 to 5 with a paragraph devoted to Klein's assessment of characteristics of each beer. Klein offers advice on everything from which types of glasses to use to how judge beer for yourself. Plus there are hundreds of beer facts and quick reference appendixes. He is fond of pairing beer and food and offers suggestions as a guide, but reminds beer drinkers that they are free to discover the limitless possibilities for dining with beer.

Industry and Statistical

Handbook of Brewing (Second edition)
Edited by William A. Hardwick

This compendium of 21 chapters on the art and science of brewing is a resource for brewing industry professionals. Each chapter is written by an author who has both academic and professional credentials. The chapters address, in detail ,topics such as essential ingredients, preparation and treatment of ingredients prior to their introduction into the brewing process, beer properties, quality-control measures, how to derive the most benefit from ingredients, brewery by-products and their commercial potential, and interfacing between brewing and federal, state, and local governments. The book offers an international perspective as it examines in-depth studies of beer and its production as well as its commercial and economic aspects. Handbook of Brewing is generously referenced and contains some 150 tables, drawings, photographs and equations.

Jobson's Beer Handbook
Jobson Publishing Corp

Jobson Publishing releases its pricey special report every year on trends, statistics, and analyses for the beer industry, and it's published expressly for companies in the industry. It seems that any statistic related to commercial beer trends, sales, and production may be found here. It's really dry reading, but it's a valuable planning and marketing reference book for any commercial brewer. The first chapter, "National Overview," features eight statistical illustrations and 38 statistical tables with several years of data. The next nine chapters provide more statistical information, each chapter named for a category of beer, such as "Super Premium Beer" and "Light Beer." Other chapter names are such as "Supplier Performance," "Microbreweries," and "Advertising Summary." Jobson's Beer Handbook takes its place next to six other Jobson spirits, wine and beer-industry data handbooks.

Industry Revealed
Compiled by Institute of Brewing Studies

Analysis of the craft brewing industry's facts and figures, this booklet offers information that entrepreneurs and businesses can use to formulate a business proposal or to simply better understand the momentum of the craft brewing industry.

Fun and Whimsical

A Taste for Beer
by Stephen Beaumont

Beaumont set out to promote the North American beer culture in this, his second, book and has done a commendable job. First and foremost, A Taste for Beer is a celebration of beer and the enjoyment of beer in all its forms. As you sip and savor your way through this homage to beer, it will become apparent that Beaumont is sharing his vast knowledge and heartfelt adoration for beer with his readers. You'll find discussions of beer styles for every occasion as well as the changing seasons, entertaining beery anecdotes and observations, a guide to matching beer with fine food, and recipes for cooking with beer. Practical information for any beer enthusiast is related in this personable, feel-good book.

Secret Life of Beer: Legends, Lore & Little Known Facts
by Alan Eames

Long known as the Indiana Jones of Beer, Eames has traveled the world in search of the origins of beer and shares his findings in this whimsical compendium of beery sound bites. From the Aztec's pre-Columbian sendecho corn brew to the Vikings' heather ale of the 9th century, Eames' eclectic compilation includes quips, quotes, and beer lore and legends through the ages. Eames has also written A Beer Drinker's Companion and the Oldenberg Beer Drinker's Bible.

The Hangover Handbook
by Nic Van Oudtshoorn

If you wake up and your head is pounding, your stomach churning, and your mouth feels like the bottom of a bird cage, this book may be your savior. It offers what it claims are 101 remedies for humanity's oldest malady -- the hangover. It also makes light-hearted attempts at distracting you from your morning-after pain by offering silly drinking trivia and humorous wisdom. From the favorite cure of Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD), "quickly swallow six raw owl's eggs," to the prescription of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling, "a massive dose of vitamin C," The Hangover Handbook may be just what every well stocked bar should have.

The Ultimate Book of Beer Trivia
by Bill Yenne and Tom Debolski

We all know the supreme recommendation for a book is the warning that once you pick it up, you can't put it down. And that's exactly what happened when I began to browse this book. The first chapter, "How To Play," explains how to make a game of beer trivia by yourself or with friends formed into teams. The other chapters are trivia categories such as "Slogans & Advertising," "Just Labels," "Making Beer," "The People Who Made Beer Famous," and "Legends & Lore." The book is well organized and the 389 questions and answers impress as accurate and well thought out. It features a good mix of difficulty levels so both the novice and the veteran trivia buff can enjoy. I'm already looking forward to the second volume, which Yenne and Debolski say is in the works.

Beer Labels of the World
by Bill Yenne

If you like beer and you have a coffee table, then this is the book for you. Beer Labels is an oversized book containing colorful photographs of more than 1,000 beer labels from all over the world. Not only will savvy beerhunters enjoy this book, but all beer lovers will be impressed with the sheer number of labels illustrated here.


Great American Beer Cookbook
by Candy Schermerhorn

I can think of only a handful of contemporary American cookbooks dedicated to the gastronomic art of pairing beer with food. But that's a handful more than I would have found five short years ago. The creeping increase reflects a savory trend burgeoning from the great American beer renaissance: the nouveau beer cuisine. And in the forefront of that trend is Candy Schermerhorn. Those of us in the brewing community have enjoyed Schermerhorn's "Brewgal Gourmet" column in Zymurgy, the journal of the American Homebrewers Association, for years. Now Schermerhorn has come out with The Great American Beer Cookbook, which we brew enthusiasts can all be grateful for.

Cooking & Entertaining with Beer
by Rob Driver

With more than 100 recipes ranging from simple to the sublime, Cooking & Entertaining makes it possible for even the most inexperienced cook to create a delicious meal using beer as an ingredient. More experienced chefs will find plenty of exciting dishes to tempt them as well. Cooking & Entertaining offers information on beer styles, tips for hosting a beer-tasting and beer and food pairing, menu planning, and eight color photos illustrating just a few of the dishes. Driver has been a homebrewer for more than 20 years and is co-founder of a personal cooking service in Denver.

Great Cooking with Beer
by Jack Erickson

Great Cooking is designed for the cook who wants to learn about specialty beers and prepare a variety of foods cooked with beer. It includes a guide to planning beer tasting dinners in your home, beer history, and a description of styles.

On Specific Styles

Brewers Publications, Boulder, CO, offers the Classic Beer Style Series. Each softcover volume offers a comprehensive in-depth examination of a single beer style and costs $11.95. Further information on ordering a copy of the titles in the Classic Beer Style Series may be obtained by requesting an order form from Brewers Publications, PO Box 1679, Boulder, CO 80306.

by Darryl Richman; 162 pages

Pale Ale
by Terry Foster; 140 pages

Oktoberfest, Vienna, Marzen
by George and Laurie Fix; 117 pages

Continental Pilsener
by Dave Miller; 101 pages

by Jean-Xavier Guinard; 169 pages

by Terry Foster; 142 pages

Scotch Ale
by Greg Noonan; 197 pages

Belgian Ale
by Pierre Rajotte; 176 pages

German Wheat Beer
by Eric Warner; 161 pages

by Michael Lewis; 184 pages

Resource and Reference

Beer Basics: A Quick and Easy Guide
by Peter LaFrance

Beverage writer and certified beer judge Peter LaFrance will lead you on a tour that will expand your knowledge and enhance your appreciation of beer with this friendly guide to the many pleasures of beer. From beer basics of what beer is and how it's made to beers of the world, Beer Basics is fun and interesting reading. You'll find charts, how to serve and tap beer, facts about beer and food, and more as you enter the realm of beer drinking possibilities with this trusty and knowledgeable companion.

Encyclopedia of Beer
Edited by Christine P. Rhodes

This invaluable reference book is written by a dream team of seven beer authorities. Alan Eames, Fred Eckhardt, Rob Haiber, Karl Lutzen, Alan Pugsley, Peter Reid, and Mark Stevens joined forces to bring us this A-to-Z celebration of beer and brewing around the world. The Encyclopedia of Beer, organized in alphabetical order, covers breweries worldwide and their products, various styles, brewing terminology, ingredients and flavorings, how to evaluate beer, festivals and traditions, brewing processes, authors' recommendations, and more. It also offers appendices of organizations, collector's clubs, mail order beer clubs, beer importers, and beer publications. The Encyclopedia of Beer covers a lot of ground, and makes a great browse.

Michael Jackson's Beer Companion
by Michael Jackson

This beautifully illustrated book is recognized as one of the world's most comprehensive sources of beer and brewing knowledge. It has become a permanent fixture in many beer lovers' libraries. Jackson's beer knowledge really shines in this book which delves into a comprehensive study of the world's major beer styles.

The New World Guide to Beer
by Michael Jackson

In his continuing pursuit to inspire and chronicle the brewing renaissance, Jackson writes with detail and flair in this wonderfully illustrated text about beers from around the world.

The Great Beers of Belgium
by Michael Jackson

The "Beer Hunter" himself has written this complete guide and celebration of a unique culture and its diverse beers. Fully illustrated with color photos and maps, it's a joy to have around the house.

The Essentials of Beer Style
by Fred Eckhardt

With three major sections that include the basics of brewing, descriptions of great world beer styles, and a guide to beer tasting and evaluation, this book is like getting three in one.

Dictionary of Beer and Brewing
by Carl Forget

Forget has compiled 1, 929 essential definitions used in beermaking.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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