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How to Prepare Iced Coffee with Heavy Cream

5 Advantages of Having an Espresso Machine

How to Pick a High-End Espresso Machine for Your Home

How Did Instant Coffee Get Its Start?

Coffee Beans as an Ingredient in Food Recipes

6 Simple Tips for Making Better Coffee on Your Coffee Maker at Home

5 Reasons You Should Always Buy Fair Trade Coffee

Great Things You Can Make While Cooking with Coffee

The Joys of Drinking Coffee

Crema: What it is and What it Can Tell You?
Tara Alley explains crema, the delicious layer of foam that you find when you order an espresso, and what it can tell you about the espresso you are drinking.

New Coffee Makers for the New Year 2011!
Tara Alley suggests we step up our home coffee making capabilities.

Roast Your Own Coffee Beans
Jim Cameron is a 30-year veteran in the specialty coffee roasting industry. He starts with green coffee beans.

Where Staying Awake Means Staying Alive
Many United States soldiers stationed in Iraq are currently facing shortages of caffeinated products and are seeking an easy solution to a state of fatigue.

A Taste for Flavored Coffees
For purists and flavor-hounds alike, Rosemary Furfaro's flavored coffee taste-test results will enchant and inform.

Big Easy Coffee
Elaine Sosa introduces you to Cafe du Monde -- the cafe where the beignets are done to perfection and no one wears black.

Brewing the Perfect Cup of Java
Rosemary Furfaro's list of dos and don'ts for making the best cup of coffee.

Cafe Mexicano
Elaine Sosa, our resident Java hound, shares all the sights, sounds and tastes of the Mexican cafe scene. Vamanos amigos!

Coffee and a Byte?
Looking for a great place to get a cup of coffee and surf the internet? Elaine Sosa reports on her favorite Cybercafes.

Coffee Isn't Just a Beverage Anymore...
Elaine Sosa finds out that coffee can do just about anything -- from giving your cheeks a bronzy glow to making you one hep cat!

Drinking Decaffeinated Coffees
Rosemary Furfaro debunks the decaf myth and tells us all how to brew a perfect cup.

Finding the Perfect Espresso Machine
So, it's early morning and you just want to stay inside and have a cappuccino. What? No espresso maker at home? Let Rosemary Furfaro help you with this article.

The Finest Espresso Machines of San Francisco
Rosemary Furfaro talks with the son of espresso machine purveyor Tomas E. Cara. Sit down and relax with a cup of Lavazza Coffee or other finely brewed espresso.

From Cappuccino to Frappuccino
Elaine Sosa seems to know a thing or two about coffee. She sets out to uncover the meaning behind all those coffee house "buzz" words.

Interview with a Roastmaster
Those roasters really get into their work! Elaine Sosa interviews one of San Francisco's finest roastmasters to uncover their secrets. Here's a hint: it's in the beans.

The Javagirl Goes A-Cupping
Elaine Sosa proves that even a 'javagirl' can learn something new about coffee.

Keeping Cool with Coffee
Rosemary Furfaro comes up with six cool-coffee recipes for summer refreshment.

Kopi Luwak
Chris Rubin reports on a coffee that, thanks to a small marsupial, is one of the most exotic and expensive in the world.

A Little Something About the Big "S"
Have some coffee at the game, have a mocha on a train. A Starbucks latte in the air, a Starbucks cafe everywhere! Elaine Sosa goes beyond the green-and-white logo and uncovers some surprising facts.

San Francisco Coffeehouses
Take a walk through San Francisco, sit down and have a cup with Rosemary Furfaro.

Selecting a Coffee Brewing Method that's Right for You
Bet you don't know how many ways there are to brew a cup of coffee . . . but Rosemary Furfaro will tell you. Some good sources for coffee making equipment are also listed.

Selecting an Automatic Drip-Coffee Maker
Rumor has it that Rosemary Furfaro drank a hundred cups for this assignment. If you're in the market for a drip machine, you can save yourself the jitters by just reading the results.

Spirited Coffees
Rosemary Furfaro continues her series on coffee with this kicky article. Includes recipes for Irish Coffee, Kioki Coffee, and nine others.

Supermarket Coffee vs. Specialty Store Coffee, Are They Really So Different?
Convenience vs. cost. What's a bean worth? Rosemary Furfaro tells all.

Sustainable Coffee: The Road Back for Nicaragua?
Elaine Sosa reports on the hottest craze since steamed milk.

We've Seen the Future and It's...Capresso?
Elaine Sosa finds a coffeemaker company that gives you more bang for your buck!

We've Seen the Future...It's Organic!
Elaine Sosa explains how chlorogenic and phenolic compounds make your average cup o' joe something stupendous.

What Goes Up Might Come Down?
Elaine Sosa discusses the supply-demand economic theory and other acts of God that drive coffee prices skyward.

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