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Occasional Baking

by Flo Braker

"A" is for Apples
Autumn is the perfect time to use these jewels for just about everything!

All-American Banana Roll
Flo is on a roll in this month's column. She shares her secret methods to guarantee success in the kitchen.

Almond Macaroons, Buttermilk Shortcakes & Banana Sorbet
Pop Quiz: each of these recipes require one specific utensil. Give up? Flo Braker gives you the scoop.

Almond Twist Coffeecake
Flo Braker shares her favorite recipe for this social dessert. She even makes a friendly wager.

Baking for Two
Twice as many hands to stir, poach, bake, mix and twice as many mouths to taste! Flo knows two is better than one when it comes to baking!

Baking with Tea
Flo Braker proves that you can have your tea and bake with it too! Includes 3 tea-related recipes.

Basic Genoise Cake
Mother Flo says it's always wise to double desserts for the sweet tooths. With this recipe you'll want to always have double on-hand.

Be My Valentine
An intimate look at Valentine's Day baking.

Bone Appetit Dog Biscuits
Flo caters this month's column to another species -- her favorite four legged kind.

Boston Cream Pie
Long ago someone rocked the boat and tried to make a pie using cake as the crust. Thankfully it turned out to be one of the world's most popular and delectable treats. Flo shares her "tried and true" recipe for this masterpiece.

Bountiful Breakfasts
Flo Braker's house is the best place to spend the night -- she'll have an incredible breakfast awaiting your retreat from slumber.

Cakes, Souffles & Salads
You can't go wrong with serving fresh Spring vegetables. Flo Braker knows that!

Cheese Souffle Anyone?
Baker Flo shares an artichoke with crudite salad, a cheese souffle and a spicy cream cheese cake with honey topping.

Chocolate Chips
You've got flour, butter and sugar...but what's the other ingredient that should be residing in your kitchen? Why, chocolate, of course!

Chocolate Delice and Brownie Baked Alaskas
Flo Braker primes us in the fine art of entertaining unexpected guests and includes two dessert recipes guaranteed to extend a guest's visit.

Chocolate Shortcakes with Red Fruits & Cream
Flo becomes inspired to bake like she's never baked before.

Cigar Cookies
Flo Braker creates a fun, smoke-free dessert that your guests will inhale!

Coffee Cakes and Quick Breads
Potato Coffee Cake? It sounds like a Dan Quayle nightmare, but Flo says once you try it you'll be hooked. Learn the finer points of baking with veggies.

Cranberry Cream Scones and Cream Cake
Need a festive dessert idea? Flo Braker has just the thing: Cranberry Cream Scones and Cream Cake.

English Fruit Pudding and Austrian Punschtortes
Flo provides more "couldn't-live-without" recipes and admits that while baking is nice, sometimes "no-bake" is better.

Fruit Squares
Flo Braker knows the easiest way to serve up enough dessert for a crowd. Two words: Fruit Squares.

Perfect as an accompaniment to most any meal, these little cream puffs will beg you to have "just one more."

Granita and Sorbet
Whether spoken in French or Italian, this dish still sounds yummy. Flo braves an "ice cream headache" to bring us some delicious and refreshing recipes.

Grapefruit Terrines
Flo Braker loves creating small, impressive desserts. This month's recipe is perfect for those who want to use fresh produce to its fullest.

Homemade Gift Giving
Not sure what to give as a housewarming gift? Flo comes to the rescue with two terrific recipes (cornbread and brown sugar cookies) along with some very creative kitchen accessory gift ideas.

Homemade Hamburger Buns
Tired of those old, tasteless, insubstantial, white-bread pillows that pass for buns at the supermarket? Flo provides her own hearty recipe for these summer barbecue favorites.

Peach Cobbler
Spring is the ideal time to invite the neighbors in for a casual get-together, and to get re-acquainted.

Peanut Butter
Poundcake, Pinwheels and Cupcakes -- Grape jelly and white bread needn't apply.

Pepper Cheese Loaves and Cheese Batter Bread
Flo Braker dives into the mysterious world of bread baking and proves that a little creativity, a great bowl of soup and a good loaf of bread is "all you knead."

Pissaladiere Provencale
Flo introduces a French hors d'oeuvre with Italian roots.

What do you get when you combine flour, water, butter, eggs, and salt with some steam and magic? Why, cream puffs, of course. Flo Braker shares some secrets to the pastry the French call "cabbage paste" and provides a recipe for Frozen Profiteroles.

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie
Flo shares a unique twist on a traditional Thanksgiving dessert.

Pumpkin Dinner Rolls
Flo uses a popular member of the squash family to add a flavorful new dimension to this year's Thanksgiving feast.

Solar Baking
Here comes the sun! Flo relies (mostly) on the sun to create two conventional dishes in a rather unconventional way. Don't forget the sunscreen!

Spinach Souffle Roll
Flo shares a recipe for a tasty treat your favorite Popeye would love!

Strawberry Shortcake
Includes Flo's own recipe, along with some hot tips, for a summer favorite.

Susan's Garden Pizza
A tasty, late summer recipe that'll entertain anyone!

Traditional Baking in the Braker Household
Ever get the feeling you should have grown up in Flo Braker's house? After you read about her recipes for cake and cookies, you may join me in a resounding "yes."

Using Fresh Fruits for Dessert
Flo makes it easy to get your necessary 5 servings of fruit per day.

This article begs the question: Belgian with fruit or TexMex with cheddar and green chiles?

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