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Glossary of British Cuisine

by Lou Seibert Pappas

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Angels on Horseback
oysters wrapped in bacon and grilled

Bubble and Squeak
cabbage and mashed potatoes fried together

Caster sugar
superfine granulated sugar

Clotted Cream
also called Devonshire cream, this rich English specialty has at least 55 percent butterfat and is spreadable

Cornish Pasties
individual potato and meat pies

Cumberland Sauce
a currant jelly, wine, and mustard sauce

Double Cream
a rich cream with a minimum butterfat content of 48 percent

Fish and Chips
Deep-fried white fish and potatoes

mildly cured English ham

Golden Syrup
an amber-colored syrup with a consistency of honey, made from refined cane sugar. Substitute one part dark corn syrup mixed with four parts light corn syrup.

Hot Cross Buns
a yeast bun marked with a frosting cross

Old English Plum Pudding
a raisin and citron steamed pudding

Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding
possibly the most famous dish, prime rib of beef with a puffed flour, egg, and milk pudding

Tipsy Cake
a sherry-soaked pound or sponge cake with custard and cream

Welsh Rabbit
the original name for rarebit, the Welsh dish consisting of cheese melted with beer, then poured on toast and broiled.

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introduction  |  glossary  |  recipes  |  cookbooks  |  travel  |  crossword

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