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How to Avoid Gaining the Freshman 15

Micro Markets: The Future of Contactless Food Service

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How to Choose the Right Keto Supplement

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Catering 101: The Art of Serving Corporate Events

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6 Amazing Reasons to Become a Chef

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8 Healthy Eating Habits for University Students

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Food and Water Safety Tips for Travelers

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7 Simple and Delicious Morning Recipes for Students

Key Tips On Finding The Best Barbecue Rochester Restaurant To Eat At

Gas Grill Flare-Ups

5 Foods You Should Try With Your Instant Pot

Gift Giving 101 – 4 Things to Remember When Buying Gifts for Your Kids

8 of the Best Food Combinations

Gift Books for Foodies
Stephanie Zonis offers a list of some of her favorite food books, some new, some a bit older.

Spread It Around: Popular Peanut Butter, Past and Present, Part II
Says Stephanie Zonis, "Why not do a peanut butter tasting? After all, how many different brands could there be? After much research, she said, "I was amazed at the number of manufacturers producing this American staple."

Spread It Around: Popular Peanut Butter, Past and Present, Part I
The National Peanut Board states that peanut butter is consumed in 94% of American households, a degree of saturation most food products can only dream about. Stephanie Zonis tells all.

Coconut and Cocktail Mixers: Trends at the 2015 Fancy Food Show
Stephanie Zonis says this years show was a mixture of chaos, sales pitches, fun, and some great food products. Think coconut (again this year), quinoa, kale, flax, chia, cocktail mixers, protein, and non GMO, to name a few.

Gift Books for Foodies
You need a gift for a foodie friend or relative so here's a list of some of what's been on my nightstand over the past year, in no particular order. Think food, beer, and cocktail books.

Ricardo Zarate: Peru’s Culinary Ambassador to North America
Andrea Rademan covers 2011 Food and Wine Magazine Best New Chef in America Richardo Zarate, who has taken Los Angeles by storm.

Jimmy Shaw of Lotería Grill — We Have a Winner!
"His multiple restaurants offer Mex-Mex food," says Andrea Rademan.

First Annual San Diego Sriracha Festival
Andrea Rademan showcases the San Diego Sriracha Festival, for fans of America's favorite hot sauce.

Notes From the 2014 Fancy Food Show: The Year of the Coconut
Stephanie Zonis, who says coconut is in everything, also showcases gluten-free products, beets, sriracha, and alternative nuts, seeds and grains plus individual businesses that stand out.

Making It Pop: Flavored Popcorn (Part 1)
After much research Stephanie Zonis shares Popcorn History, How Does Popcorn Pop?, and The Buzzwords relating to popcorn as well as What's In My Popcorn?

Making It Pop: Flavored Popcorn (Part 2)
Stephanie Zonis performs a taste-test and reviews 130 flavored popcorns.

Never too Early -- DIY BBQ Party-Planning
Sophie Miller shares some of the most successful barbecuing ideas she has found over the years.

Barrie Lynn “The Cheese Impresario”
Barre Lynn produces and stages cheese events at venues and festivals throughout the country...by Andrea Rademan.

Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets for the Paleo Chef
Josh Santos shares the meaning of a Paleo diet, saying goodbye to sugar, diary, and grains and saying hello to fish, meat, fruits, and vegetables. He offers 6 gadgets essential for any paleo loving chef.

The Good and Bad of Your Kid's Halloween Candy
Cynthia Tyson helps you teach your kids to make better choices when it comes to choosing Halloween candy.

Essentials for a Romantic Summer Date Picnic
Kelly Martin plans a picnic date for your significant other to get away from daily life for a few hours and enjoy a meal outdoors.

Popped, Pickled, and Caramelized: Trends from the 2013 Summer Fancy Food Show
Stephanie Zonis recently went to this show where some 2400 exhibitors showcased their food items with about 90% of them offering samples.

Eat Yourself Beautiful: Foods To Make Your Skin And Hair Bloom
Lisa Mardle offers the best vitamins to boost your skin and hair, including a recipe for Beauty Snack Bar.

Unique Twists on Homecooked Favorites
Bonnie Warner shares some new spins on classic homecooked favorites that will put your family into food comas.

Spice Up His Gifts: Food & Fast Fun for Father's Day
Jennifer Craver tells us how to find fun food gifts for Dad this Father's Day.

5 Food Shows That Inspire Us in the Kitchen
Deborah Thomas explains why reality television in the food industry is such a blessing. She covers Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern, No Reservations, Chopped, Cupcake Wars, and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Ditch the PB&J: Fun Foods Recipes to Eat at the Library
Catherine Miles shares the 2013 Oreo Superbowl commercial which features a genius "Whisper Fight" commercial. People in a library "whisper fought" about which part of the Oreo was the best: cookie or cream?!

Meet Kimmy Tang, Julia Child's Asian Alter Ego
Andrea Rademan raves about Kimmy Tang, who has four 9021Pho locations in Los Angeles.

Healthy Kids' Birthday Party Recipes
Carolyn Briggs shares her helpful tips for making healthy and delicious meals that your kids will love and that you won't stress over preparing.

Favorite Valentine Recipes
Sally has lots of good suggestions, whether you are planning an intimate affair for 2 or a larger group party.

How to Host a Successful Cookie Decorating Party
This article explores the who, what, when, where and why of cookie decorating.

A Sticky Situation: An Introduction to the Complex (and Sweet) World of Honey
Stephanie Zonis delves into the entire world of honey, including an introduction to honey, its various forms and some of the chief issues in honey and beekeeping today.

Tips for Cooking with Blue Cheese Recipes
Marnely Rodriguez offers 5 ideas for balancing the strong flavors of blue cheese with other ingredients that play a supporting role in the recipes.

Delivered Food as Part of a Weight Loss Program
Marnely Rodriguez suggests brown bag lunches and healthier snacks for a quality diet.

A Baker’s Dozen Tips for Fabulous Cookies
Pat Sinclair shares holiday season baking tips.

Warm Muffins Make Any Day Special
Pat Sinclair offers recipes for Cinnamon Streusel Muffins, Everyday Blueberry Muffins and Bacon and Cheddar Muffins.

Relish "Relish"
An exceptional dining out experience in Breckenridge, Colorado, by Bette Levine.

Great Guidebooks for Traveling Foodies
Sharon Hudgins suggests guidebooks for traveling abroad. Why eat nondescript food when you can enjoy tasty local cuisine?

Freezer Tips
Mary Bloch shares her myriad of options for the freezer that many people have never contemplated.

Eight Restaurants Not To Be Missed As You Travel the World
Walter Glaser looks for restaurants that are interesting, have great food, and are ones that he would like to go back to on his next trip.

German Rote Grütze Dessert (German Red Fruit Pudding)
Sharon Hudgins explains red grits with vanilla sauce and includes a recipe for this popular dessert.

Tomato Time
"Heinz seems proud to boast of 57 varieties of ketchup, but did you realize that there are actually 10,000 varieties of tomatoes?" asks Mary Bloch.

Gelato: Italy's Quintessential Outdoor Treat!
"When in Rome, roam with a gelato," says Jennie Schacht.

The Seductions of Live-fire Cooking
Mary Karlin says that whether outdoors in a wood-fired oven, fire pit, smoker or campfire or indoors in a fireplace, we're drawn to the process of cooking with fire.

Deconstructing the Baguette
The baguette is the most demanding test of a bread maker's skill, says home baker Mark Schimpf.

Candy Store Marshmallows
This article, by Sally, first appeared in Travel Savvy magazine. It includes her Five Favorite U.S. Artisan Marshmallow Makers.

Tips for Cooking Texas Style Brisket
Chris McCarthy, an avid cook of 20 years, loves to pass on experiences to others about cooking and proper barbecuing techniques.

The Language of Baklava: A Memoir
"Novelist Diana Abu-Jaber shares Layers of Love, Ebullience & Cooking in her book that is as warm as melted butter between the layers of phyllo dough," says reviewer Diana Rosen. Recipe included.

Hooked on Shad
"A lowcountry favorite in South Carolina and a sure sign that spring is on the way is the shadbush (also known as Serviceberry or Juneberry) .  Its snowy white flowers signal not only the arrival of spring but also the annual shad migration," says Amanda Dew Manning.

Taking Comfort in Heritage Foods
Amanda Dew Manning relives Sunday dinners at her Grandmother's house in South Carolina, including her Grandmother's Macaroni Pie recipe.

In Praise of Blue M&M's
Glenn E. Burgess is sure blue M&M's taste better than the other colors. Read on to find out why.

Swedish Chef Niklas Ekstedt
Brett Jocelyn Epstein raves about this 26 year old, one of Sweden's hottest chefs.

Hollywood's A-List Finds a Home at Hamasaku
Andrea Lita Rademan tells us about Toshi Kihara from Japan who is now the talk of the town (Los Angeles) when it comes to quality sushi, sashimi, tempura and Japanese-style bouillabaisse.

Donut Man Runs Rings Around the Competition
Andrea Lita Rademan tells us about Jim Nakano, the popular donut man in Glendora, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. Think buttermilk bars, glazed cream cheese, tiger tails, toasted coconut crumb, rainbow-sprinkled, nutmeg-flecked cake donuts and buttery cinnamon rolls.

Olive Styles & Varieties
Glenn E. Burgess covers styles, varieties and methods of olive production, a fruit used to produce both food and oil.

Food Stress
Food humor by Janey Womeldorf.

Tim Love: The Lonesome Dove Western Bistro
Native Texan Tim Love wears many hats. He is a cowboy who calls his cooking “Urban Western Cuisine.” He is chef and owner of The Lonesome Dove Western Bistro in Fort Worth, Texas; cookbook author: Tim Love on the Lonesome Dove Trail; and culinary instructor. Sally covers this busy cowboy!.

Italian Soups
Anna Maria Volpi says soups in Italy are as diverse as the Italian regions, and the Italians say: "Tell me what soup you eat, and I will tell you where you come from." Three soup recipes are featured.

Whole Foods Market-Austin, Texas
Sally tours this 80,000 square foot landmark store with many departments and sit-down dining possibilities.

Wake Up and Eat the Flowers—But Please Leave the Centerpiece Alone
by Robin Donovan

Great Grilled Cheese
Cheese expert Laura Werlin says America’s favorite sandwich is grilled cheese--move over PB&J.

Hot Dog Heaven--in Toledo!
by Ron Hurst

Why eat the vegetable formally known as Hibiscus Esculentus, by Claudia Foleng-Achunche.

Valentine Dinner for Two
by Sally Bernstein

Must-Haves for Holiday Entertaining
by Erika Lenkert

Parmesan Cheese & Prosciutto
Flavors of Northern Italy, by Sally Bernstein

Ten Last Minute Party Tips
by Erika Lenkert

A Heart’s Delight
Savoring Dim Sum in San Francisco, by Robin Donovan

The Story of Sourdough Bread
It's the Culture — How the 49ers Struck Culinary Gold, by Robin Donovan

The History of Tiramisu
Where and how this dessert was invented, by Anna Marie Volpi

Chinese New Year: Dim Sum
Celebrating Chinese New Year with a Dim Sum Brunch, by GraceAnn Walden

Wisconsin's Prize-Winning Artisan Cheeses
Lou Seibert Pappas tells us about artisan cheese makers in Wisconsin.

Homemade Marshmallows
Sally suggests you try something new.

Chocolate Good For You, Doctors Say
Welcome news for many of us.

Slow Food Movement
Georgeanne Brennan shares her experience at the Slow Food Festival of German Food in Luebeck.

As Parisian as French Baguette
Stephanie Curtis gives a brief history of this famous bread variety. She also discourages her readers from eating cotton.

Celebrate Christmas in Germany!
Pat Neisser shares her favorite wintertime vacation spot and shares some cookie recipes for your very own German Christmas.

Interesting Mail Order Food Products
A compendium of compelling comestibles, available via mail or phone order. Compiled by Kristin D. Lahmeyer.

It's Berry Season
A "berry" detailed article by Dana Schwartz, with helpful hints, recipes, history and the various types available.

La Cocina Cubana
"Latins live to eat," says Mother Sosa -- daughter Elaine has lunch in Miami's Little Havana District and shares some of Mom's recipes.

Mad About Chocolate
Stephanie Curtis delves into the Paris Chocolate scene. Everyone from Louis XIV to Robert Linxe is covered here.

Paula Lambert loved mozzarella so much that she made a career out of it! She shares many of the steps involved to make this popular pizza topping.

My Family History is Filled with Persimmons
Kristin D. Lahmeyer recalls past excursions to Uncle's Farm, gives practical advice on eating persimmons, and reveals the family recipe for Grandma's Persimmon Pudding.

Paella Recipe
Take a look into Sally's own recipe file for her version of this classic Spanish dish.

Provencal Olives
Everything you ever wanted to know about olives and includes some olive-related recipes. Stephanie Curtis reports.

Pumpkin Walnut Cheesecake
Sally shares her favorite wintertime dessert recipe.

Savoring Morocco
Kitty Morse takes you on a journey into the customs and flavors of Morocco. Includes a couscous recipe you won't want to miss!

What's Kosher?
It's a good question, so Myra Chanin and Ethel Hofman came up with some good answers.

Chopped Liver
Perhaps the most maligned of foods, Andy Lax tries to bring some dignity to the discussion.

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